The Rainbow People 

“The first Draft shouldn’t be perfect, it just has to be written”.                                                                    — Unknown.        
Hi, I am Dr. Sunit and this is my story. I was born 26 years back but I started living since 6 months, until then I was just trying. 


I always use to think people keep talking about the incident which changed their life , when will I witness mine? and to my surprise it did happen. This is my story but it’s not just mine, there are many who have witnessed the similar Kind of Incident which made them to Live ,Enjoy ,Help, ,Respect ,Feel ,Observe and Love. I call them The Rainbow People.

        This Incident is difficult to explain because I haven’t understood it completely myself till now and it’s even hard to understand because of it’s complexity. But one thing I know for sure is that I needed it badly . My life was as normal as anyone else, studying hard to fulfill the Indian dream to become a doctor,mostly passing the time ,getting fat with my girlfriend and everything else a normal 26 year male will do. But after the incident I do the same things but with more compassion and being more observant of things around me. My life have become so beautiful now that everything happening around me is what I ever thought of, I find happiness in everything I do, my relationship with my family is better. Everything seems so much in place. 

   I have started to feel more of everything and for everyone, I feel so good being just alone in nature, feeling for the animals, feeling every bit of taste of my food and my work is not work anymore I feel like this is the thing I was born to do and will help and treat people in need wherever and whenever I can. 

      “It’s like my conscious been expanded in different dimensions.”

 Last 6 months been the most extravagant experience of my life teaching me everyday how to live. I have started so many things which till now were just in my head. And I feel so good about others and myself. I have been traveling a lot in these six months I have made friends which share the same frequency as me from all over the world. It is like things were so random before the Incident but now they are not at all random . I know what’s gonna happen because I am the one who is making things happen for myself.

    I have come to know this is one life , we have been given the gift from the universal energy and i wanna make sure I am doing best for myself and everyone around me. I have so much to see , learn, share , love and respect. I am more conscious about my breathing and my heartbeat now because they are the divine energy flowing through me.

My blog Checklist4life will be about how life is so beautiful if we think it is. My experience with most beautiful people and circumstances , the Power of our subconscious mind and how with a use of checklists we can decide and make our next day and whole life beautiful.In my next post I will try my best to explain the Incident which changed my life so much , I feel like I have been born again . I have seen my Buddha , have you?

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