The Incident-Part II (Where I am born again)

“There are only three events in our life; Birth, Life and Death. We are not conscious about our birth, we die in pain and we forget to live.”

A night before the incident I was completely lost in my mind was walking down the beach when I saw a big fish on the beach, I could sense that the fish may be dead, but something inside of me wasn’t accepting and it felt like if I could just push the fish back into the sea, she might live and with this thought, I put myself on to push the fish back into the water, as the fish was big and heavy it took me some time but once I did, it made me happy and I moved on.

     Now when I am floating in the sea not afraid of death anymore meditating on my breathwork, I was feeling the most powerful being, I could feel the strong vibrations within me. At the very instant, I thought of the dying fish from the last night and I wondered if the life did originate in the water maybe I could breathe inside the water as a fish does and I had no idea why this thought came to me at that exact moment. So, I made the lotus meditation position, soon my body turned upside down as before my face was facing the sky now it’s inside the water and I could see clearly inside the water. I start to breathe deeply, to my surprise I did breathe, with every inhale water goes inside me and I could take 15- 20 breaths at a time, when my chest use to feel full I left the lotus position and my head were out again and I used to vomit everything. This continued for long and I was crying for whatever was happening to me at that moment I didn’t want to reason with it, all I wanted to go with the flow. Every time I was vomiting it felt like nature was cleaning me as I cleaned it earlier, the acid for life within me was being cleaned out. I vomited more than 20 times, crying for being nonobservant of nature and people around me.

“When you allow your ego to control your thoughts,everything you believe becomes an illusion.”

In the deep sea, when nature was cleaning me, making me more aware of my surroundings and opening many new perspectives to see the world. Every time I was breathing in the saltwater and vomiting it out, I could feel that something was forced out. I was crying on one side and was thankful for another, for the path he was placing me on. I was being sorry for the bad things I ever did to people, to nature and myself, being conscious or not being conscious of them. Love, respect, and care were what nature was teaching me amid the sea. I found the best teacher in my life when I was about to die.

The overindulgent nature of the ego is an obstacle to the learning process, we believe we know so much about everything and all that we know is true, which is seldom the case. Ego dissolution is the first step towards knowing thy self and try to see reality from different perspectives, when we keep our ego in control we become more aware of things around us and boundaries in consciousness starts to lose.

In all the illusions of our life, we forget the true nature of our reality. Our life and our identity is not real but is a construct and that to a construct which is constructed by others for us and we keep on living this life unconsciously on an automatic pattern without questioning the reality of our true self. Since childhood, all we have learned has come from someone or society. The fears, the likes, the dislikes, our behaviors, our identities, the rules, almost everything we get it from the society we live in and when we realize our true nature, we not ready to put in the work required for the change.
We all need to slow down for some time and calm our minds, grow our intuitions back, begin self-inquiry and become self-aware. Self-awareness comes to the self-management and social awareness will follow soon. Try to get out of the construct which is not ours, to do things which we feel to do and not which others think is right for us, yes sure we will make mistakes but that is what life is all about. When someone is talking about the incompetence of our dreams, the person is realizing his or her fears, not ours. When we take one step forward towards the fear we will see the beauty of the creation as every beautiful dream, is placed on the other side of that illusionary wall.

 “Fear is not real. It’s the product of thoughts we create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real,but fear is a choice.”


There are no random events in our life they are the results of our thoughts or somewhere between our thoughts and our realities. When we are confused everything looks chaotic but when our energies are aligned in one direction all of our thoughts become our realities. We need a habit of believing in our good thoughts and critically examine the others and we will be surprised to find that the universe always finds the way.
It’s been more than three hours now in the sea and I have experienced so much, I was witnessing the Buddha within me, in the sky, in the water guiding me through my purpose for this life. Nature taught me how to live in a few hours, which I couldn’t understand in 26 years of my life.

Now when it was almost past three hours floating and meditating in the sea, that very instant thought of my friend explaining to me about the power psychology a few days back came to my mind, my friend told me that once we witness the power we shouldn’t get ourselves involved into the power so much that we actually get drown. He never knew what was gonna happen to me in the coming day. This thought from my friend actually made me think of coming out of the sea because I thought even if I wasn’t dying drowning I could die of dehydration. I was feeling so powerful and full of energy while meditating in the sea, wasn’t feeling to leave this energy at all but when this thought arrived I decided to come out.

How does a person who doesn’t know swimming comes out of the sea? What I did next is unimaginable and unbelievable. It sounds strange but it’s the truth, I opened my eyes and looked around, saw a hill far away from where I was floating and thought that there would be some rocks around that hill in the sea. Closed my eyes again and directed my one hand in the direction of the hill and begin to meditate, believing that nature will start flowing me itself, in the direction where I need to go as this is what I just learned here. I can feel my body start to move, maybe like a fish making troughs and crests moving very fast in some direction but I kept my eyes closed. I went on believing in the energy flow of the universe and when I opened my eyes after a few minutes, I was just a few meters away from a big rock. I still remember that moment so clearly with everything I knew I start to swim back flapping my arms and legs, suffering from cramps in my calf muscles but not giving up and I reached that rock and held it like a child holds his mother when he is afraid. Water currents again pulled me inside but I didn’t leave my mother rock, I got hurt and bruises all over my chest but I didn’t leave the rock and climbed up slowly.

ASK.            BELIEVE.           RECEIVE.

  My body was shaking, my heart crying. I started to walk towards the beach where my clothes were, drank as much water as I can. People passing looking at me like I was struck by a lightning bolt, all my body was burnt and became dark, my beard and hair full of white salt. I didn’t even wear my clothes just wrapped the blanket around my waist and started back to my place where I was staying. I couldn’t contemplate what did happen to me. Vomited many times before reaching my place, after reaching went to bed directly and slept for almost a day. Next morning when I woke up it’s all a different story, life’s taken a u-turn. Things are so much in place. Stay tuned for the amazing experience coming through in the following posts. 

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