Reality of Truth

Reality is merely an illusion, Albeit a very persistent one. — Albert Einstein

What do you believe the Reality Is?

There would be many answers to that question because it could be different for every individual. But do you have a different opinion or you are forced to believe in The Reality today?

The Reality today which we are so attached to and it looks so Normal that we don’t even wanna try something to change it.

The Reality today is Terrorism, Crime, Politics, Pollution,Poverty ,Diseases and War. Wasn’t we all were born equals, then who decided how much of the earth one owns. And everybody is in the opinion of that this is Normal or there are people who think this isn’t normal but they aren’t doing anything to change it because they think they are too small to change anything. Just to remind you Gandhi , Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln , Martin Luther King and many more like them were just like us the difference was they never thought of themselves as small.


The biggest obstacle you will have to ever overcome is your mind, If you can overcome that you can overcome anything.

Every single one of us play by a set of rules in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly. The most important of them is Ego and Fear. Both play major part in developing our personality and make us the person who we are today. Ego and Fear develops by how the society is functioning around us or how the individual is grown up in the family. So at last you are working as the society wants you to be.

Now the Ego is powerful tool which blinds us to see and believe in other people’s experiences, it only promotes and believes what we know or what we want to know and the eyes only see what a Mind orders. Fear on another hand always gonna be there but it totally depends on us how much of fear we want in our lives. So a person whose ego controls him is like an air tight container, all he believes is all that he knows and that becomes his Reality.

I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand from their level of perception.

So , Is there any other reality?

Of course there are many more realities, If you don’t believe me let’s have a party together.

All we need to do is speak less and listen more whenever possible, because what we speak is what we already know but by listening we can broaden our thinking horizons with different possibilities.

The truth is a relative term whose functionality is different for every individual, something could be true for you but for someone else the same truth can just be a pure lie.

Something, let it be right or wrong becomes truth for us when we start believing in it. Our life is a bubble created by our beliefs and at the centre stand us. We need to Extend the horizon of our bubble. The difference between an open minded person and a narrow minded is that an open minded person never forces his beliefs on someone, he just explains what he believes and never force them, where as narrow minded people try to force their beliefs on us. So hear what an open minded person has to say because he speaks of his experiences.

So now the question arises is , Did you create your own bubble or unknowingly it is created by the beliefs of society around you?

The best person to answer this question would be you. Ask yourself are you doing what you always wanted to do? Are you happy with whatever you are doing now? Are you still or Dynamic? at the last Are yo actually living or Dead? Because living without a purpose bigger than yourself is not living.

Then What is Reality?

In my opinion the only truth the only reality is “YOU”.You are the creator of your own life , you can make it as beautiful as you want the only problem is your unguarded thoughts.You can do , want and have anything you want in life around yourself if you can just take control of your thoughts. So , In a world where you can be anything why not become Kind and Loving? One task of kindness everyday without expecting anything in return can give back you the control over your life.

Open your mind and let the teachings of enlightened people and our experiences ignite our thinking eye and we start creating our life with beautiful thoughts. Our life is never gonna be a destination as we always thought and worried about, the life is a path, the life is a moment, the life is right now what we are experiencing.


Show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there.

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