Feeling Experiences

—- By Rownaq Prasad

Experiences, that’s what we live for!!

Instead of growing ourselves every day we constantly run behind success, money, show off etc. Our education is mostly because we can get a certificate, a good job and not because we can expand our perception by the knowledge. We work hard in our jobs, so that we can get a promotion in turn gaining more money. We invest that money, cutting our requirements and needs to make more money out of what we have already earned. In doing all these things we keep losing the most important thing which matters “Time”.

“Time is not measured by clocks but by moments.”

But when you sit back look at the whole process objectively, you will realise, all we are running around is, for experiences. It May be the experience of owning a sea facing, 5 bedroom apartment, or driving around in a blood red sports car, in turn experiencing the jealousy of our peers and the people we don’t even know. Everything we struggle for everything we sacrifice for boils down to only experiences, and by hallucinatory thinking of past and future we are missing on the experiences of present moment. Instead of understanding the problem of the present we are sad because we cannot find the solution of the problem in our thoughts of future.

And if the experience of present is related with negative energy our desire will be to escape, to run away from our own misery. There are only too many people who will help you to escape, they will offer every plausible explanation, conclusion which they or others have arrived at, every kind of rationalisation; or you yourself will find some form of withdrawal, pleasant or unpleasant , to drown your misery… But escapes of any kind whether God or drink, only prevent you from understanding of why you feel what you feel.

“Life is the most secure prison ever built,no one breaks out alive.”

Hence, the thinkers and philosophers always said no matter what you own, our graves would be of same size. Its not that those saffron clad lunatics with overgrown beard didn’t know the existence of Taj mahal or the Pyrmids of Giza. They did, but along with that they understood that even if you experience the knowledge of your forthcoming burial under a trillion dollar structure, once you close your eyes towards the permanence, its doesn’t matter your dead decaying body is eaten up by bugs under a White marble dome or an open rainforest.

Experiences can be anything, from your childhood memory of family trip to Juhu beach or thrashing you got from your principal due to your unruly behaviour in school. Because end of everything else, that’s what we live for. That’s the reason, due to which, we do what we do. We want a certain set of experience and for that we keep struggling for whole of our lives and when the angels of death start haunting you in your death bed, you start wondering about all the unfelt experiences that you always wanted but didn’t experience it due to blindfold you had regarding the obsession with possessions.

Take a deep breath and feel that oxygen in your lungs, keep that experience with you and move ahead keep doing what you are doing, struggle even more, but not for the possessions my friends, do it for the experiences and smile when the Yamaraja approaches your lifeless body rising on a jet black buffalo. Let him also wonder, he just died, how the hell is he so content!!

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