The Meaningful Meghalaya

Meghalaya( abode of clouds)

Meghalaya is a small state in Northeast India and it is a beautiful place to be but more than the scenery and landscape important is what I learned travelling through Meghalaya. I was quite surprised by the openness of the people, the female-oriented workplace, the cleanliness, the funky fashion sense, football at their feet and rock music in their heads. As a north Indian, by this experience, I felt that I belong to a very backward generation.

The Rock Music

While travelling in a taxi from Guwahati to Shillong throughout the journey there was just rock music playing through, I was really surprised because for me this was new I haven’t heard rock music in a taxi before. As a north Indian we always play Punjabi or Hindi songs in our taxis that is what I expect in every taxi but this was something different and more surprising for me was the driver who was playing all these songs as he was about 50 years old and I was really amazed by this experience, this doesn’t stop here from now wherever I went let it be a city like Shillong or a village in Meghalaya they were all dancing to the tunes of rock from a 50-year-old to a 5-year-old all were rock singing generation.

Women at Work

One more thing you will surprisingly see in Meghalaya is that from a small shop to a big business everything is run by women and this is so beautiful to see how empowered the Meghalaya’s women are. They Run the restaurants, homestay, shops and everything else. This is very difficult to find anywhere and makes you really proud to be an Indian to see a state which is so respectful to the women. The Women in Meghalaya are not just housewives they are bread and butter of their families and lifeline of Meghalaya. All states can learn something out of this.

The Punk Fashion

When we are asked to imagine a girl from Indian village what picture comes to our mind is that a girl wearing Indian salwar kameez but wait until you see a girl from a village in Meghalaya the picture in your head will change permanently to tight leather pants, high boots and leather jackets with beautiful coloured hairs. This is what you see everywhere in Meghalaya and this girl is not someone who is gonna take our bullshit, this girl is the one who will kick our balls if needed. Same goes for the guys, everyone looks so fit and punk that I always feared being looking odd in the crowd.

The Love for Football

Every kid I guess is named after some football player in Meghalaya.I met Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Nani, and many more young footballer in Meghalaya. Even in a state where there are mountains everywhere they had a well-looking football fields in their villages. Nobody was playing cricket there like we use to do when we were young but even the youngest kid had a football and juggling skills. You could easily find football matches going on everywhere in Meghalaya.

The Cleanliness

I don’t really think that people who have never visited Meghalaya know that in Meghalaya there is a village which is been awarded as the cleanest village in Asia “Mawlynnong”. I came to know of this fact after coming to northeast only. And when I went to this village it is actually the most beautiful village I have ever visited, the paths are all sided by beautiful hedges which are so maintained, dustbin at every 10 meters and so many flowers and respect for nature. This village is known by the name Mawlynnong. Once you visit this village you will be always be sad visiting your village next time because you will be always jealous, but one thing you learn is that just by cleaning your village you can make it a tourist spot and can earn a living.

Never Ending Landscapes

After all these beautiful experiences there is so much more in Meghalaya, the never ending landscapes of the state ,

1) Elephant falls

2) Wards lake

3) Seven sister falls

4) Cherapunji

5) Root bridges

6) The clear waters of Dawki. -Why go to foreign country to see the clear water and river bed when we have it all in Meghalaya.

It’s amazing how a journey to small place can teach you so many things just in few days. We all should live for all these experiences. Because I don’t think god gave us two legs just to stand at one place. Travel to live, love and experience these beautiful moments.

Travel to Northeast, Travel to Meghalaya.

8 thoughts on “The Meaningful Meghalaya

  1. Hi Dr Sunit, That’s a wonderful piece you wrote. The pictures are simply beautiful. Meghalaya is truly a gem of a place. Even though the place is small, it has got a very cosmopolitan culture. It is the only state in India with a metrilineal society,where women inherit the property not the men….So when a couple gets married, it is the men who come to the women’s house and not the other way around. May be that is the reason women is at the helm of all the decisionmaking…That is the reason khashi, jaintia society is open and give equal opportunity to both men and women to rise in life… hope I was not to preachy.. Really liked your piece… though.


  2. It was a journey of mine to Meghalaya through your experience.! Nicely nurrated each n every component.

    Meghalaya will surely on my list in a place to visit….


  3. Amazing choice of pictures and words to put together such a great piece…..The awe with which you are describing the culture here had me also surprised during my first encounter. Lovely people with such pleasant behaviour……hats off to them.


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