Meditation is an act of being self aware, it is one of the greatest arts of life which can’t be learned from anybody. Meditation is not a way of making our mind quiet, it’s a way of entering the quiet that’s already there.

What meditation is NOT is stated by Krishnamurti as follows .

“Meditation is not the repetition of the words, nor the experiencing of a vision, nor the cultivation of the silence . The beads and the word do quieten the chattering mind, but there is a form of self-hypnosis.

Meditation is not wrapping yourself in a pattern of thought, in the enchantment of pleasure. Meditation has no beginning, and therefore has no end. Meditation is not a matter of being absorbed in some grandiose idea or image.

Meditation is not sitting cross legged, closing the eyes, not merely controlling the body and thoughts , and isolating oneself from others. Meditation takes place even when the eyes are open and one is surrounded by people and objects of every kind. It can take place while sitting in a bus or walking in the shades, while listening to the singing of birds or in the presence of a friend . Meditation is not an intellectual affair. When there is a motive or self interest or concentration there is no meditation.

What is important in meditation is the quality of the mind and heart. It is not what you achieve, or what you say you attain but rather the quality of mind that is innocent and vulnerable. Thought is never innocent, Meditation is ending of thought.

While meditating one must begin with the mind, not with the body. One must understand oneself without choice- the various expressions of thoughts, pleasure seeking, image forming , believing or not believing, suppressing or controlling thoughts. One is aware of all these in total attention to oneself. There is not only awareness but also ending of all these contents. Then the brain is still and mind is silent due to total freedom of its contents. The heart is full of love not for one but for all. There is complete harmony between body and mind. There is limitless energy of the still brain and the silent mind. THAT IS THE MOMENT OF MEDITATION. “Meditation is flowering of goodness’, not the cultivation of goodness which disappears.

Attending to the whole complex process of life in every moment is meditation. Meditation is part of one’s daily existence , a way of life with which one can understand the fullness and beauty of life in every moment.


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