Reasons for daily Happiness

1) Be happy that we woke up today😊.About 153,000 people do not see the next morning everyday, we have to be thankful and happy that we are able to see the beautiful Sun and nature today.Then Look around and if everyone in our family woke up with us, we have another big reason to be happy as many people lose their loved ones everyday.

2) Let’s Be happy if we have roof on our head.1.6 billion people are without an adequate shelter and home worldwide. And we are unhappy and worried about how to buy a bigger house. Be happy with what we have and enjoy the day.

3) If we have food on our table- feel lucky.Be respectful and aware about what you eat. Do not waste the food by any chance as for someone it’s more precious than gold. May be we have more than enough but 795 million people do not have enough food to survive.Be happy that you ate today.And if you want happiness overflow make someone eat today who is in need.

4) If we are able to see or touch. If you are born in great health without any of the limbs or sense organ missing , that’s another reason to smile. Many people aren’t able to see the beauty of nature , the wonders of the world . And we are worried about looking ourselves in the mirror that why god didn’t make me more handsome or beautiful.

5) If you have clothes to wear.Don’t worry about if you don’t have Prada or Armani. Be happy that you have clothes to save you from cold.The most beautiful suggestion I can give you to be happy is just to become aware of what you have ,to become aware about that you are breathing. We become unhappy when we are living for what we don’t have , like I don’t have big car, I don’t have big home , I don’t have enough money, I can’t go to a 5 star hotel to eat. All of these are man made external temporary way of happiness. All we need for happiness is all we already have , if we analyse the moment we always have what we need in that moment. Unhappiness comes for when we want something more in that moment.

Be aware and be happy, we have all we need in this moment.

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