How to start the day.

1. Before sleeping keep your phone away from your bed.

If we keep our phone near our bed the first thing we do is to check out all the social media , I am not saying it’s bad to be connected socially but you don’t want others to decide your mood for the day. When we read many sad and negative posts which are fake they really have an effect on our day. So please do not check social media just after waking up. It sucks up our positive energy.

2. Drink a glass of water or Tulsi Infusion or ginger lemon with Honey.

We all know the benefits of drinking liquids in the morning.

a) Protects your colon from infection

b) Flushes out toxins from our system

c) Increased Metabolism for the day

d) Water with Lemon helps in weight loss.

e) Boosts our immune system throughout the day.

These are few well documented benefits, and it lifts up our mood too.

3) Always find 10 mins in the morning to Pray or meditate.

There is no better medicine than silence for our mind. Silence is the answer to everything. Don’t get worried about how your day gonna be today, we need to get happy that we have a wonderful day today to live and enjoy our life.

4) 15 mins of morning exercise.

Make any schedule doesn’t matter. Running, walking, yoga everything is good if done consistently . Let’s have some endorphins in our Brain.

a) More active all day long.

b ) You’ll burn unnecessary fat.

c) Better sleep from night.

d) Protecting yourself against high Blood Pressure and diabetes.

5) Always have a written plan for the day.

Many studies have proved that people who efficiently have written plan for the next day will never be confused and will do the same things as written in plan most of the time.

A written thing makes more impact on our subconscious and our day goes very smooth. To prove you can try this with yourself, one day have a plan and make a note of the day and another day without a plan . You will know the difference by yourself.

6) Be thankful for what you have rather than being sad for what you don’t.

Remember if we have basic needs of Food, Clothing and shelter we have everything to be happy and enjoy your day.

Wish you all a wonderful day. Full power 24 hour Non stop.

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