Why Increasing Violence against Doctors is bad for the health of society.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity.”

Pic- Heart surgeon after 23 hrs long successful surgery.

In recent times there are many incidents of violence against the doctors working in government as well as private hospitals. Many have had injuries for life time and few of them died. The offenders acted as an individuals or as a mob. In my view media is one of the biggest culprit in the rise of such incidents because they always hear one side of the story and print it as they want public to hear it. More people hear about such incidents in which media only blames the doctor for negligence more people act in the same way by a psychological principle called social proof. But if such incidents take place more often it will lead to backward healthcare system in coming future for general public. Let’s talk about why it will happen so.

Pic- OPD crowd in a government hospital.

1) If the incidents of violence keep happening in the government setup, many of the doctors will resign from the government hospitals which has already started happening. General population is of notions that doctors are paid a hefty amount in the government hospitals. A resident is paid around 40k at most to work for 80 hrs in a week and compare to other professions the work hours are way too much and salaries very less, so do you really think that they are working for money in there ? The answer would be ,No. Many of them are there because they really want to help and do better than self with all the knowledge they gained in their 10 years of intense hard work with whatever infrastructure they have had in the government setup. But they have also started to think after these incidents that it’s not worth the violence. So if our loved ones by chance met with an serious injury and you run to government hospitals for help don’t be surprised if you don’t find a doctor to help you in the coming future.

“It’s more important to know what sort of a person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

2) Let’s talk about the private hospitals. If the patient is seriously ill and you wanna take him to a private hospital, due to increasing incidents of violence against the doctors no body would be willing to take him in ,they can simply refuse by saying that they don’t have the infrastructure or the physician isn’t available to take care of this case because they know if something isn’t going good people will take a violent path so why would anyone wanna take a chance.

The average human doesn’t understand the physiology and pathology of the human body, the patient is dying most of the time because the human system is failing not because doctors are doing something wrong, how rude let a doctor be but he will at the time when someone is dying work in best of his capabilities to save a life and the patient are not admitted in the hospitals because beds are full, not because of the doctors wish. And there are only that much beds provided by the respective authorities.I am not saying that doctors can’t be wrong they can be but it depends from individual to individual like in any other profession. Have the mob ever beaten an engineer because they didn’t build a road in your area.

We are ready to pay a hefty amount while shopping clothes or other stuff in malls without asking a question but when it comes to pay for their health they think it’s costly, I don’t really understand what kind of mindset we have, do we really think that health should be cheaper than our clothes.

People who criticise doctors the most are the people who don’t even know which side their liver is.

“He who believes in his doctor gets healed .”

It takes courage, love ,respect for life and 15 years to become a good doctor. If it was just about money a business could be started in few years to earn more than what a doctor earns.I request everyone not to judge every doctor based on experience with someone or what’s media is trying to show you. Doctors are the keeper of society’s health, they helped us when we were born to make it more easy and beautiful and they will help us when we will be sick and about to die to make it less painful.

Love and respect for all the wonderful doctors in the world, keep up the good work going.

2 thoughts on “Why Increasing Violence against Doctors is bad for the health of society.

  1. This has been a prevelent plaque in the society since ages!
    I think this is my first time that I’ve come across such an article. You protrayed the scenario from the viewpoint of a doctor really impactfully. I can say that at this point our thoughts align.


  2. Different narratives of the same story make the story more realistic… Reality is still elusive… Somewhere in the Spectrum 😊

    Hope to have a holistic and humane health system!


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