Practising Hindus vs Ritualistic Hindus.

(Note: By using the word Hindus, I don't mean or relate to people from religion as Hinduism is not a religion but a lifestyle based on the sacred teachings of Vedanta and everyone understands knowingly or unknowingly that there is a Supreme consciousness within everything.) First, we need to understand the difference between Shruti and … Continue reading Practising Hindus vs Ritualistic Hindus.

The Meaningful Meghalaya

Meghalaya( abode of clouds) Meghalaya is a small state in Northeast India and it is a beautiful place to be but more than the scenery and landscape important is what I learned travelling through Meghalaya. I was quite surprised by the openness of the people, the female-oriented workplace, the cleanliness, the funky fashion sense, football … Continue reading The Meaningful Meghalaya

Feeling Experiences

—- By Rownaq Prasad Experiences, that’s what we live for!! Instead of growing ourselves every day we constantly run behind success, money, show off etc. Our education is mostly because we can get a certificate, a good job and not because we can expand our perception by the knowledge. We work hard in our jobs, … Continue reading Feeling Experiences

Reality of Truth

Reality is merely an illusion, Albeit a very persistent one. — Albert Einstein What do you believe the Reality Is? There would be many answers to that question because it could be different for every individual. But do you have a different opinion or you are forced to believe in The Reality today? The Reality … Continue reading Reality of Truth

Alpha Mind Power

Patient - Hi doctor, actually have been losing my hair, excessive sweating and palpitations.Me- Do you have a lot of stress ?Patient- Yes have to manage kids, manage office and husband.Me- I would suggest 10 minutes of meditation and yoga for you.Patient- Who has the time for all this sir.Me- If you can't find 10 … Continue reading Alpha Mind Power

The Incident-Part II (Where I am born again)

"There are only three events in our life; Birth, Life and Death. We are not conscious about our birth, we die in pain and we forget to live." A night before the incident I was completely lost in my mind was walking down the beach when I saw a big fish on the beach, I … Continue reading The Incident-Part II (Where I am born again)

The Incident-Part I (Where I die)

"The value of life is revealed when it confronts death from close quarters."   14th Feb 2017, 5.30 in the morning while walking down the beach, I could see the beach littered with garbage, plastic bags and beer bottles floating in and around the sea. I witnessed a strange feeling within me, it felt like … Continue reading The Incident-Part I (Where I die)